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Hooley is a multidisciplinary artist based in London.

Having worked as professional photographer for 25 years his personal work has recently developed into three dimensional geometric pieces, the culmination of which can be seen in his recent exhibition ‘The Tyranny of Sunk Costs’ exploring the theme of duality.

The use of the pseudonym Hooley is also about duality; it represents the artist’s alter-ego or split persona, and serves as a means to separate this new work from his photographic commissions.

Hooley counts artists such as James Turrell, Piet Mondrian, Josef Albers, Ben Nicholson, Carl Andre and Bridget Riley among his influences. “I want my work to pay homage to these inspirational artists” says Hooley, “but I don’t want to create meaningless derivative patterns; I need to add something of myself to the discourse and provoke viewers to explore their versions of duality too.”

He has previously exhibited work in London and worldwide and published two hardback books of photography.

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